Email Marketing Vs SMS Marketing.

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Marketing is an evolving field in an evolving world. What works for you in the previous year may not work in the next coming year. Therefore, if you want to be ahead of others in business and marketing, you should consider and sometimes reconsider your marketing strategy frequently.

Email marketing is the best and the easiest method to reach a maximum no of interested audiences in the coming years. The world is changing and evolving in new things to reach new goals. So you should know that email marketing is fast becoming a star marketing channel.

It is a familiar thing and familiar thing for many companies to use the combination of SMS and email marketing to reach out to their customers. However, this process is done in a good way. In that case, your company will get significant interested customers and increasingly positive responses.

But if you want to focus on your goals and efforts, you should know how the two marketing approaches work. This little information should help you make a good decision for your company, making you see the results you are aiming for.

We will look at how much SMS and email marketing will cost you and how they will work compared to each other. We will also discuss when and how you can use these approaches to maximise your digital marketing strategies.

What is the difference between SMS and email marketing?

As you know, email marketing involves sending commercial messages to several email accounts. On the other hand, SMS marketing allows the company to send similar but short-form messages directly to interested customers' phones in the form of text.

While email marketing is becoming incredibly popular, it also faces some growing challenges. One of the most noticeable is that consumers will see thousands of advertisements daily. The constant presence of advertisements has deadened many customers, making it challenging to attract them.

Amongst all of these advertisements, text messages remain one of the least-saturated channels for any company's promotional content. That is because SMS marketing plays with the fact that people are now spending an increasing amount of time on their phones (an overall average of 4.8 hours per day in 2022).

Most companies want to know how to connect with current and interested customers. In doing so, they will ask which is better, email or text message. The fact is that, with any marketing method, SMS and email marketing come with their pros and cons.

Let's look at some of the most important ups and downs of each marketing method so that you will be better prepared to make your marketing strategy successful.

Advantages of SMS marketing

Direct operation is required. That means the marketers want a guaranteed audience interested in receiving more information from the respected company.

Text messages have a limit of writing up to 160 characters. In SMS marketing, consumers are more likely to open and read the message if they know it will be short, sweet, and to the point. In addition, people want to save time, and SMS marketing messages will take a little time.

SMS marketing is not used as widely as email marketing, allowing companies to begin their conversations in a more friendly and appealing tone.

If you send an SMS message, it will be received instantly. There will be no waiting for you or your customers. SMS messages will be open more likely than any other communication method. No Wi-Fi is needed in sending an SMS message, one less boundary between you and your consumers.

Only 3% of SMS marketing messages are considered spam. Unlike emails, which are often considered spam folders, your message is much more likely to get to your customer.

Advantages of email marketing

In email marketing, there is no limit on the text you send. That makes it the perfect form of communication for longer content such as newsletters, business updates, or educational news.

Emails also allow you to send images to your audience. Your audience tends to respond better to visuals; photos or graphics are a great way to capture your audience's attention. Ever a true saying.

There has yet to be a way to get rid of email marketing. However, it still has plenty to offer. There are some major advantages that no other marketing campaign can fulfil now.

Disadvantages of SMS marketing

The character limitation in SMS marketing might make it tricky to include all the information you want to write in your marketing text. If you want a lot to say, you do not want to rely only on texts to talk to your audience.

There is also no option to send pictures in text, making it impossible to fully show off your new product and capture your audience's attention visually.

If you are using SMS marketing, you should be aware that there are strict rules for GDPR compliance and SMS marketing. Again, these rules will make it difficult for your company to rely only on SMS marketing. It is best to approach SMS marketing with much more care to avoid these downfalls.

Disadvantages of email marketing

Email marketing is the go-to marketing method for any company around the world. Unfortunately, not all emails are authentic. There are plenty of spam emails that someone doesn't want to receive.

Many email marketing professionals have invented a strict filter that puts your promotional email content straight into a spam folder to deal with the spam email.

Unfortunately, these folders might also affect your authentic promotional messages from real companies. For example, suppose your email gets into a spam folder. In that case, the chance of people opening it is less, and your marketing message will reduce its significance.

How much do email and SMS marketing campaigns cost?

SMS marketing campaigns are usually highly cost-effective. For example, sending a text message to your audience every week to approximately 10,000 subscribers will cost you up to $400. The exact costs vary depending on your provider and plan.

On the other hand, email marketing can cost a much wider range, with the minimum cost as little as $9 monthly, increasing to $1,000 and might be beyond. A self-managed email campaign will cost you less. For example, suppose you have an internal email marketing handler handling your campaign. In that case, you should find better engagement rates if you work with a service provider.

And remember that you should expand beyond SMS or email marketing campaigns. There are many other cost-effective campaigns in the world, including influencer marketing. Unfortunately, many companies are being overlooked or intimidated by these campaigns, but you don't have to be.

Which marketing method is right for your business?

Your company should use a combination of SMS and email marketing. Each marketing campaign will provide a unique set of benefits. You will make the most of these campaigns by using them together.

A multi-approach will allow you to send long and short messages with or without pictures. It will make you keep your customers updated and engaged.

Email marketing can provide your customers with longer and media-rich content. It will be a great way to keep your customers in the know-how about what your company is up to.

On the other hand, SMS marketing campaigns are perfect for sending time-sensitive information like announcing a flat sale.

Is SMS marketing still effective in 2022?

SMS marketing is highly effective and still needs to be used by many companies in today's market.

The open rate of SMS marketing text (98%) is hard to beat. Unfortunately, there are limited alternative communication campaigns that can provide you with a similar level of guarantee that customers will open your marketing text.

Is email marketing still effective in 2022?

While email marketing campaigns have a different universality over other digital marketing approaches, they are still effective. On the contrary, email marketing is still an important and indisposable form of interaction between companies and customers.

Which performs Better, SMS or email marketing?

SMS has more high open chances than email marketing. However, the fact is that 50% to 85% of emails are considered spam. That is an obvious comparison to SMS messages, which have a far lower spam rate and spam messages.

However, email marketing is worth trying.

There is no hard and fast rule to say that you only need to use one communication method while planning your company's marketing strategy. The most competitive approach for a company is to use multi-marketing to ensure that they will catch as many customers

 as possible.

A company's best advantage is understanding how and when to use each approach to contact customers.

Now that you know email and SMS marketing and the best way to use them, it's time to get back to the drawing board. And before you start again, consider that nothing limits you to just using SMS or email marketing.