Best Way to Install Python in Linux Mint

In this blog, I am going to share the best way to install python in linux mint.

First, We have to install some depedencies,

Drupal Tricks - 1

I needed a way to check the currect user has permission to view the currect/particular page, Searched lot finally got the exact way, going to show the tricks to you in this blog.

Install Drupal Using Drush

Most of the times developers don't like the GUI, It makes feel lazy. Drupal has a tool (Drush) to do some management work from command line.

Dual Boot : Linux not showing in Windows boot loader (Recovering Linux)

Recently, I had faced a problem in my system.

grub rescue - How to recover the System

Commonly most of the people facing the grub rescue crash, mostly it will happen when we use dual boot option to use two different Operating System.

How to rsync particular extension files?

PHP Array to String

Code :

$data = array('Anish', 'Bala', 'Somu');
$string = implode(',', $data);

Output :

How to change php.ini settings in Godaddy shared hostings

The Godaddy shared hosting's php execution time and memory limit is very low, So some large site's request would break for large process.

Top Marketing Tools for 2015

The "if you build it, they will come" plan won’t get your business seen in 2015. The fact is, 50 percent of companies plan to increase marketing spend in 2015.

OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) in my Style

Download : 

Sample Code