11 Coolest New iOS 11 Features


Finally available, the newest iOS is ready to be launched on iPhones and iPads across the globe. It comes with a lot of cool features but only a few are going to really change the way your phone performs. Here’s a list of the 11 most important changes that come along with the new iOS 11.

Improved Live Photos

You can turn any photo into a GIF, make it move back and forth or choose a still frame to add to the original shot. It’s basically a photo editor that is now built-in in iPhone standard camera app.

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/iphone-smartphone-apps-apple-inc-410324/

More Room for Videos and Photos

By changing the compression system for the new operating system, Apple allows more photos and videos on the phone. They claim that you can now store up to two times more photos than with the former version of iOS.

A New Face for the App Store

After acknowledging the fact that their app store needs a serious refresh, Apple finally managed to bring it to the standards of their other apps like News or Apple Music. You will be able to use the tabs below to switch through categories and gain easy access to other features of the store.

Cleaner-looking iMessage

Even the biggest Apple fan had to admit that the old iMessage was chaotic and hard to use. With all the added stickers and emojis, you could barely find your way through the iMessage app. It gets a new design with iOS 11 transforming it into a much easier to use app.

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/iphone-6-apple-ios-iphone-ios-8-458159/

Siri Becomes More Gentile and Can Translate

Siri got a big upgrade becoming a lot smarter due to the advances in the development of machine learning and AI. Besides that, it can now translate for you but this feature is still in beta testing at this time.

The Keyboard Got Smarter

The very helpful feature that is present in Google Now is now also transposed on iOS. Typing anything on your keyboard will lead to suggestions of words that were recently viewed in different apps. Besides that, the keyboard is optimized for one hand typing, a function that moves all the symbols a lot closer to the thumb. That way it won’t be too much trouble when you try to play grand craps online.

Customizable Control Center

Since its introduction in iOS 7, the Control Center is a very helpful feature that allows you to shorten the time it takes to access certain features or buttons. After more than four years since that moment, Apple gives you the liberty to choose what those buttons and shortcuts will be and where you are going to place them.

Simpler Notifications

The two tabs in the notifications window were removed so that you no longer have to switch between recent and missed. Everything is one place now and you can access them by pulling down from the top of the phone.

Do Not Disturb Mode

More and more phone manufacturers started to think about safety while driving and now it’s Apple’s turn as well. The DND mode will cancel notifications while you’re driving and even announce to the people trying to reach you that you can’t talk at this particular moment.

Maps Were Seriously Upgraded

Besides getting indoor maps for malls, airports or big shops, the overall map function of Apple was upgraded after years of struggling with bugs and flaws that became viral on the internet.

Setting Up a New Phone Is Brilliant

Want to get a new iPhone but don’t want to go through all the trouble of re-installing your apps and everything that makes your phone personal? Worry no more because Apple implemented a new feature that transfers all your data by simply bringing the two phones together.