Amazing Features Of .Net

Are you looking out for a career in software developing or web designing? Learning .Net software framework can surely boost your career. The .NET framework is a perfect choice when it comes to delivering multiple web based applications. Complex applications look easier on .Net, and it enables development of both web and desktop based applications in a faster and easier way. It has a very versatile and dynamic library which ensures top level security and rapid development simultaneously.


Below I’ll be answering some FAQs by web/software developer aspirant before starting to learn .Net, here we go -


How does it work?

.Net provides you with a robust and scalable framework to code upon.


Unlike others, .Net application is compiled to an Intermediate Language (IL) and not to machine code which is similar to Java bytecode. On .Net when the application is executed, it is compiled into the native executable code later, which is managed by the Common Language Runtime (CLR). The CLR can guarantee certain aspects of your application function, for example, garbage collection and exception handling, giving it inherent strength and security.


.Net Framework CLR

It is a common language runtime which facilitates runtime environment and CLR. In case you don’t know, CLR compiles the application into the runtime, compile the IL code into native code, execute the code. The runtime services memory management enforces security, it also does exception management, thread support and debugging support.


For executing a program and to gain all the benefits of managed execution environment, we write code in a language which is supported by CLS which is basically .NET Framework. The language compiler compiles the source code into the MSIL code which consists of CPU- independent code and instructions which are platform independent.


Wondering what is MSIL? Well, it consists of instructions that enable you to perform arithmetic and logical operations, it access memory directly, controls the flow of execution, and efficiently handles exceptions.


What is .net domain?

The name is derived from network, indicating it was originally intended for organizations involved in networking technologies, such as Internet service providers and other infrastructure companies.The domain name net is a broad and top-level domain (gTLD) used in the Domain Name System of the Internet.


Amazing Features Of .Net

Here, I am going to cover the top and most popular features of  .Net, write in the comment box if I miss out any important feature.


Obsolete Attribute

ObsoleteAttribute applies to all program elements except assemblies, modules, parameters, and return values. Marking an element as obsolete informs users that the element will be removed in future versions of the product. Message property contains a string that will be displayed when the attribute assignee is used. It is recommended a workaround to be provided in this description. If set to true the compiler will indicate an IsError if the attribute target is used in the code.



The default value for a property is specified by DefaultValueAttribute. You can create a DefaultValueAttribute with any value. A member’s default value is typically its initial value.

With the specified value, the attribute won’t cause a member to be automatically initialized. Therefore, you must set the initial value in your code. Moreover, The auto-implemented properties are initialized in the constructor of the class via reflection. The code iterates through all properties of the class and set them their default value if the DefaultValueAttribute is present.


Curry and Partial methods

Currying is the technique of translating the evaluation of a function that takes multiple arguments (or a tuple of arguments) into evaluating a sequence of functions in mathematics and computer science. The power of the extension methods is used, in order to be implemented via C#.


Weak Reference

A weak reference allows the garbage collector to collect an object while still allowing an application to access the object. If you need the object, you can still obtain a strong reference to it and prevent it from being collected.


So these were some top features of .net, however, there are more such features which make your work more advance and easier. Isn’t that what you wanted?


If you guys would like to share your thoughts or give any suggestion, feel free to write it in our comment box below.


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