Create Single Page Business Website

Website is necessary for all business in 21st Century, The current trending is single page website lots of them are using single page website to promote their business, product, application, software. I am going to show you how to make business single page website and how to launch it,

Before getting deep into that, let's see some advantages of single page websites,

  1. Production cost less
  2. Reduce server cost
  3. Showing more Data in Short Space
  4. Development Cost and Time less
  5. Interactive Navigation

Get Ready the Server :

The First important part of the process is choosing domain with your business name and buying best hosting services. Hostgator is providing hosting service for just $3.95/month with free domain, buy the server with free domain and setup that.

Choose Html Template :

Instead of creating / designing website from scratch better to buy any one of the professional template, There is lots of single page business website templates are available online. Choose any one from and buy it.

I recommend to use my business single page template for just $5, it was developed by me and also will provide full support for the theme at anywhere and anytime.

After bought the template, you could download the full html package in zip format. Just extract the file, and open the index.html file in your favourite editor. These templates designed with sample data and images. You should change it all the content as your necessary.

Launch the Site :

The next step is to move the edited template files from your system to hosting server, move the template html files to server’s public_html/ folder. This is the public folder to accessible by everyone. So that end user can see your website. After successfully moved your files. Check your domain in any one of the browser, it will show your business website with your domain.

Great ! your business website is ready now.