Top 10 Email Verification Services

Email verification: what it is, how it works and where to find it

Email marketers are always up against it when it comes to their reputation with ISPs and ESPs. Incorrect spelling, honeypots and formatting errors in emails are standard challenges that senders face when mass marketing. If you stumble across them, your customer experience, revenue opportunities and sales efficiency are all put at risk. Email verification can help you mitigate this risk.

What is email verification?

Email verification is a service that analyses a bulk list of email addresses for validity, identifying spam traps and address errors before your mail is sent out. It keeps your list clean and improves deliverability. How does it work? Email verification uses algorithms and validation techniques to determine the legitimacy of an address. A syntax check removes addresses with formatting errors, while a domain check verifies DNS entries. Spam trap detection will look out for bogus email addresses and honeypots, while a DNSBL check scans for addresses and IPs that are part of spam networks. Verification will also remove role-based addresses (such as sales@ and info@) that you could be penalised for, as well as ‘disposable’ addresses that are usually used for login or signup forms. Most validation processes will also do a final SMTP check, in which your list of email addresses is pinged to check they exist without actually receiving any mail from you.

There are two main services that email verification providers offer:

  • A Batch or List service, whereby a company uploads a file (such as CSV) containing multiple email addresses, which is then run through a verification process.
  • Real-Time API, which is a piece of code integrated into a company’s website or CRM that can validate email addresses one by one in real time.

Why use it?

A high delivery rate is essential for any business that sends mass emails. All sorts of communications – from marketing campaigns to customer engagement and order confirmations – rely on the successful delivery of emails. That’s where email verification comes in. By picking out discrepancies in your email list, it prevents bounce back. This stops your ‘from’ domain being blacklisted and protects your sender reputation.

Top 10 email verification providers

1) The Checker

TheChecker offers email address verification solutions that improve data quality, deliverability, and email marketing ROI. Trusted and rated ★★★★★ 5/5 on Capterra. Using TheChecker has been the most efficient and user-friendly, email checker for our company to validate or go on email marketing campaigns. There has been no need to use any other site since!

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