How to find owner of an email address?

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Whenever you send an email, checking the email address beforehand increases the chance that the person you send the message to will receive it. We also help you from falling into scams or wasting your time by replying to an illegitimate source. But, of course, you can say you are replying to the wrong email. In this blog, we will know how to trace the email address to the original owner, along with different benefits.

1. Google Search

One of the easiest ways to check the email address you will send your email to is Google. Suppose you are to send a message to someone who forgot to confirm their name or signature or someone from whom you received an email with the same issue. In that case, you can get the email lists from the Google search engine, which is a very good starting point. To know, you will type the email address at the search bar, and you will be able to see if the information on the directory matches the information provided to you. It will direct you to a different webpage or online profile, such as LinkedIn.

Furthermore, other search engine platforms like bling perform the same function, but you are not as popular as Google. There is also one search engine, duck Taco, which helps you search the web without being tracked or storing personal information. In addition, they do not follow you around with many advertisements.

2. Social Media
The second method is that using social media profiles can be valuable for checking email address owners. For example, they made their information public. Finally, before any lead generation campaigns, conduct prospect research to confirm the email addresses are accurate or to find the prospects to a certain target.

For a business, to the consumer, you can use Facebook and enter the email address into the search bar. Then the profile will come up if there are any matches.
And for business-to-business organizations, LinkedIn is known to be a very great site. You cannot search the email addresses for the matches but can view profiles. Many of those publish their professional email address on their page even if you are not connected to them. So you can say they displayed their email address publicly.

3. CRM Auto-enrichment Tools

Well, mini CRM systems have many enrichment features or artificial intelligence capabilities that can automatically keep the information up to date about the contacts. Such tools monitor publicly listed information, such as companies' website contact pages and social media profiles, including email addresses, and are constantly updated with changes.

The very main benefit of checking the email address is the automation capabilities. Rather than you go and manually searching in Google, Facebook CRM features do it for you. For example, fresh sale is a CRM system that combines its auto-enrichment tool with different AI features known as Freddy AI. Well, on a contact profile, the users are known to enter their email address, and the remainder of their profile with all the associated data and links will be displayed.

4. Browser Extension Look-up

If you are a Google Chrome regular user and you love the particular Method for tracing the email address to its original owner. You can look up browser extensions such as full contact. Such extensions compile all the information from your Gmail accounts. So whether you receive an email from any new contact or do a random email search. This extension will pull all the information from the web, for example, their job title, company phone number and all other social media profile links.

There is an alternative Chrome extension, such as copper CRM. It is similar to full contact, and you will be able to do the email searches, and they will have your compiler data from new addresses. The major difference is that copper is a full CRM system that can help you manage lead contact stars' opportunities and projects in a single platform.

5. Trace the IP Address

You can trace an IP address using an email header. It is known to be a sophisticated option and very useful if you are trying to confirm anyone's email address for different security purposes. Of course, this process will be a little different depending on which station you use, like Outlook or Gmail Yahoo, but it involves all the same steps.

You can go to the message option to view the email header when you receive any message. That will give you different spots based on your email provider. Once you can view the IP address, you can see where the email comes from. Next, you can search for the address using the IP address. But with the help of all known as, if you want any additional data.

But everything comes with a few limitations, so there are a few limitations to using this Method. For example, if the sender uses VPN, the address information would not be accurate. This is because the VPNs are designed to hide your address read to provide you with an additional level of Internet security.

6. Use Paid Services

Each Method we have listed above is known to be a free option. You can use all these free options to compile information from sources advancing and different additional insights on someone you can. But you can also invest in a paid service such as Spokeo.
This certain platform lets the users search contacts by name, email address, phone number or any social media profile.

This service helps them to pull information from white pages, public records websites and social media profiles to get the result following any association with a certain person. Spokeo provides you with address history, work history different family connections. It's costed between $50 and $20 per month. Because it's a paid service, we recommend it for sales teams who use heavy email marketing and an email introduction in their sales activities.

7. Contact the Company Associated With the Email Domain

The final thing you can do to confirm an email address is asked. Suppose you receive an email from a new sender and want to verify from a list or make sure that the email is accurate. In that case, you can always call the organization and ask them about it. As all email addresses and domain names are associated with a certain organization come with it.

Suppose you receive a message from our address that does not leave a name and have searched all the other options on Google. In that case, you can call the number and ask them to confirm the email address, who it belongs to 2 and everything about it. This method should be the last option because it takes longer than the other options.

Why Check Email Address Owners?

You will face different issues if you do not check the owner's email address. If you cannot verify the message's sender, confirm the email address.

Here are some known benefits of checking email address owners:

Many cyber incidents happen through email addresses, such as phishing for your information, which can force you to download certain files. Verifying email addresses can help you understand if the email is legitimate or not. Ensures accurate addresses for sales and marketing initiatives:

Making personalized emails takes a lot of time and research to get a very high-rate experience. All this time gets wasted if you send it to the wrong email address.

Keeps email data clean
They contain some of the most important information you send to a customer. Therefore, it is critical to keep your data up-to-date and accurate.

Bottom Line

Stability for checking the email address owner is a secure, efficient way in sales activity and data integrity. The methods above range from free options to paid options. It depends upon the tools, the budget and the technical knowledge you have. These 7 are the best-known approaches to any email verification for specific business needs.