Create Custom Command in Linux

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Linux Operating System allows custom commands, So anyone can write their own commands for their needs. That’s the power of Linux. I am going to show you how to create custom commands ( now - to shows current time) in Linux System,

Create Bash Script :

The First thing is to create bash script in /usr/bin/ Directory which will run your commands,

$ cd /usr/bin
$ sudo vim now

Write the following code in the file,

now=$(date +"%T")
echo "Current time : $now"

Save the file and get back to terminal.

Make as Executable :

The Second thing is to make the file as executable and readable with the following command,

$ sudo chmod 777 now
$ sudo chmod -x now

Thats all, your “ now “ command is ready now. Test the command by typing “ now “ in your terminal, it should show the current time in that !

$ now
Current time : 12:18:45

This is the sample to create custom command in Linux system, we can use the procedure to create more complex command too, if you have good knowledge in shell script.