How to downgrade PHP7 to PHP5.x ?

Sometimes we had upgraded the PHP to 7.x version, but then only we know that some functionality won’t support in our web application / website, in that situation better switch back to the PHP 5.x v

PHP Array to String

Code :

$data = array('Anish', 'Bala', 'Somu');
$string = implode(',', $data);

Output :

How to change php.ini settings in Godaddy shared hostings

The Godaddy shared hosting's php execution time and memory limit is very low, So some large site's request would break for large process.

OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) in my Style

Download : 

Sample Code

Read, Write MS-Excel files in PHP

PHP Array Overview

Array is a structured data which holds different types(string, array, object) of values and one or more values in a single variable, for example if you want to store 50 different types of values in

Setup Slim Framework Application

Slim :