8 Cold Email Warmup Tools in 2023

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Have you ever questioned whether the emails you send from your Inbox will be delivered successfully?

This post is for you if you want to avoid SPAM folders and get your cold emails into your prospects' primary inboxes. Warm-up tools are available to assist us and speed up the process because it is essential to warm-up domains and emails to establish a positive sender reputation and have high deliverability.

There are several options for email warm-up tools. I'll be showcasing 8 of them in this blog article.

Email warm-up: manual vs automated

If you are concerned about the effectiveness of your cold email marketing, the warm-up procedure is essential. After all, if your emails are spam, you won't get responses. Briefly, you have two options for handling the process: manually or with a tool.

You'll build a solid reputation if you manually warm up your emails. However, the drawbacks include the time commitment and the requirement to remember to raise the level gradually. To prevent pauses in the process, you must remember it every day. In the first place, you must learn how to do it.

The process becomes significantly simpler once your emails are warmed up automatically. It is simple to start, and, more importantly, it operates automatically, allowing you to stop worrying about how things are going. Additionally, it helps you save valuable time.

If you opt for an automated email warm-up, you must find a tool you can rely on and have faith in to perform well. The eight warm-up tools we chose are listed below without further ado.

8 top warming-up tools

  1. Free warm-up: Woodpecker

Users of Woodpecker can warm up their email addresses and domains without paying extra fees. The warm-up feature is available to you after you become a customer.

As many warm-ups as there are available, slots may be used. One warm-up equals one slot. Warm-ups take up two slots. Additionally, you are not required to use it on the email account that you are emailing from. You can warm up one email address in preparation for sending while using another for active outreach.

Additionally, this strategy makes sense because it's ideal to wait until a new email has warmed up before sending cold emails from it. Suppose you're searching for an email warm-up tool. In that case, one thing to consider is whether it can securely perform your necessary tasks.

It is necessary to treat domain and email warm-up differently.

Thankfully, Woodpecker accommodates both circumstances. The feature can be used to warm up domains or emails. If you observe a decline, you can use this function to restore your sender's reputation. Or to maintain high deliverability.

That enables you to transmit messages more securely and with greater deliverability while also saving time. You already have the Warm-up and Recovery option with your subscription.

It will take a few minutes to set up. Plug in your mailbox, select the mode you require (email warm-up, domain warm-up, or recovery), and Woodpecker will determine your ideal settings and secure sending frequency.

Bonus: Each Woodpecker user is entitled to a complimentary subscription slot. You get one extra right now, regardless of how many you already have. So if you're just getting started and have just purchased one slot, you're given two spots and two warm-ups. Good.


All Woodpecker users are eligible for a free email warm-up service (included in your subscription).

In summary:

  • All Woodpecker users' price is already included
  • Various warm-up settings to domains and emails
  • A form of rehabilitation to maintain or rebuild a positive sender reputation
  • Rapid setup
  • The number of warm-ups you have available
  • You start with two slots Plus two warm-ups for the price of 1 slot since you receive one slot extra for free.
  1. Warm Mail

A specific email warm-up tool is called Mail warm. A user's email account will automatically send many emails to +1000 Mail warm's account and receive replies as part of the company's straightforward email warm-up process.

The user's sending schedule determines how Mail warm will engage with them daily. These emails are retrieved by Mail warm from the spam folder, opened, and marked as important ( how all email warm-up tools work).

You can examine your daily activity data on a dashboard using Mail warm so you may make adjustments or suspend the process. Price: Mail warm's Starter subscription, which includes up to 50 Mail warm emails every day, one account to warm up, and one seat, costs as much as $79 per month.

  1. Express Mail Auto-Warmer

Quick Mail has an email warm-up function called Auto-Warmer. Some of your emails receive automatic responses from the tool. The accounts used are those of genuine persons.

The transmission volume gradually increases, making the user's behaviour less suspicious. Auto-Warmer retrieves emails that may otherwise end up in the spam folder, notifies the ESP that the email is not spam, and then generates a response.

Price: For a maximum of 50 inboxes per account, Quick Mail's Auto Warmer service is free. You must first finish their 14-day trial.

  1. Lemwarm - a feature of lemlist

The first on the market was Lemwarm, an email warm-up tool by Lemlist.

The process is as follows: you decide how many emails you send each day, after which the volume rises. Warm-up emails are exchanged using the tool with actual persons.

However, the need for more diverse email and domain warm-up scenarios is a major disappointment. That means there's a good chance they won't warm up properly because warming up an email for two days won't cut it. Let warm further asserts that the setup process will take up to a minute.

Price: Each Inbox will cost you $29 per month to use this feature.

  1. Reply.io

Email tools like Woodpecker and lemlist, Reply.io, also have an email warm-up feature. The functionality sends and interacts with your emails to automate the warm-up process. Outlook and the G Suite are compatible.

You can customize the settings based on your requirements, whether you want to create a new email account, safeguard your reputation, or get rid of spam. The user's process can be followed through a dashboard. The user's Inbox contains a dedicated section for warm-up emails.

Cost: $29 a month for each email account.

  1. Open Inbox

Heat An email warming service is Inbox. Numerous email clients are connected with it, including Gmail, Outlook 365, Yahoo Mail, Amazon SES, Mail Gun, Send Grid, SMTP, Send Post, Microsoft 365, Zoho, and Google Workspace.

By automatically improving your sender reputation across the network of message-exchanging inboxes, the tool. Heat Your email address is used by Inbox to send emails to other platform users. To mimic a true human connection, such emails will be opened, replied to, discussed in threads, and favourited.

Cost: Each Inbox costs $9 per month.

  1. Pre-Heat Your Email (Mail shake)

Heat up Mail shake has bought the email warm-up product known as Your Email.

The tool's creators warm up your mailbox by opening emails, responding to them, and deleting junk. Gmail, Outlook, Amazon's Send grid, Mail gun, ZohoMail, and a few other programmers are integrated with this one.

You may check your spam score to discover how frequently your email was classified as spam. You can examine your spam behaviour to determine the efficacy of the warm-up feature.


  • Monthly fee of $29 for Sole Sender

One account, a maximum of 50 positive engagements per day, and spam pattern analysis.

  • Pro Sender costs $49.

Three email accounts, 50 positive engagements each day, and study of spam pattern.

  • Monthly agency sender fee: $99

Eight email accounts, 100 positive encounters daily (per account), and study of spam patterns.

  1. Warm box

An individual email warming service is a Warm box. The tool uses the user's mailbox to send regular, realistic emails, which it also opens, bookmarks, and answers.

The system uses over 10,000 inboxes from various of the most significant email service providers. Choose from the Grow Progressively, Flat, Randomize, and Custom choices.

Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, iCloud, AOL, Yandex, Zoho, Amazon SES, Send grid, Mail gun, and other mailboxes are just a few of Warm's email providers' boxes that interact with (SMTP).

Pricing: Starts at $15 a month for one Inbox; increases to $69 for three; and $139 for six.

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When it comes to getting your cold emails into the prospect's primary Inbox, warm-up tools are beneficial. The top email warm-up tools accessible in 2022 are presented in this article. Some of them are cost-free, while others are on the more expensive side.

Select a free plan, given that the warm-up feature must be active for a fairly prolonged time to successfully warm up your mailbox and domain.