What to Do When Your Email List Becomes Risky

Submitted by leopathu on Sun, 05/08/2022 - 13:31
Email Verification

Have you ever thought of your email list as a potential risk to your business? Probably not, but there are some situations where, instead of it being an asset, it can negatively impact on your entire email marketing plan. When does your email list become risky and what can you do to prevent that? Read on to learn how to protect your sender reputation and why email checker is your most reliable ally.

How successful your email marketing is depending on your sender reputation

In their pursuit of substantial email ROI, some marketers tend to neglect the quality of their email data. Email lists aren’t static entities; they’re subject to constant change, especially as they expand. What can happen to them, you may ask? Well, here are just a few facts to keep in mind:

many email addresses become invalid, as people change jobs

others are being abandoned in favor of new accounts

users may sign up for your emails by using temporary addresses

your email list is always exposed to bots

you may have known complainers in your list, or some users may start marking you as Spam.

All of these aspects affect your sender reputation, a crucial part of your email marketing identity. When you constantly email dead email addresses (invalid, fake, or misspelled), or your campaigns land in spam traps and temporary accounts, Internet Service Providers react. 


By decreasing your deliverability and thus, limiting your ability to reach people. 

As a result, not only will you spend money on emailing fake leads, but also deprive your genuine subscribers from receiving content from you. That means you lose your chance to keep in touch with your audience and increase your conversions.

Work smart: use an email validation platform

There are so many tools we can use, nowadays, to upgrade our digital marketing and leverage our businesses. Some of them improve our lives tremendously, by saving us precious resources, like time and money. An email list cleaning system is one of those tools. 

What is email validation? 

It’s the process that checks whether an email address is correct and exists, without sending an actual email to the owner. Using proprietary algorithms, email validation and email verification tools can detect whether a certain contact is accurate, valid, and active. With so much of our digital world relying on email, one of the first things we need to ensure, as marketers, is that we’re working with genuine leads.

How can you use an email verification platform?

It’s easy: you upload your email list on the platform, and the system starts processing it. Once it’s free of risky contacts, you can easily download it and use it in your next email marketing campaign. You’ll notice:

improved deliverability - your bounce rate will be much lower or non-existent

higher open and click-through rates - because you reach more people

your emails are more likely to arrive in the inbox – who wants to land in the Spam folder?

more realistic campaign reports – no more invalid addresses to skew your results.

Another option is to use an free email verification API. You simply install it on your signup forms as a measure of protection. The API won’t allow invalid and misspelled email addresses to sign up on your list, thus maintaining your email hygiene in real time. 

It’s best to use both email validation features. Once you’ve cleaned your list on a platform, install the API to make sure it stays clean. 

Wrapping things up

As we’re heading towards a more sophisticated email marketing, taking care of your email list is mandatory. No matter how clever they are, email marketing campaigns have no value if they don’t reach people. Fortunately, you now have full control over your performance, so make the most of it.